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What´s dolife?

What´s dolife?

Hey – lovely to see you. We are dolife – a new association of international artists, musicians and entrepreneurs, initiated by Stefan Boehm in 2020 with the vision of turning this world into a haven of joy and positive growth – together!

We share a love of empowering and supporting our fellow humans, making them believe in their own ideas and projects to create a better future.  We ensure equal opportunities for everyone who is willing to collaborate with us, grow with us and make this world a better place. Join us – become part of the movement.

What does this mean?

Are you sitting on a brainchild for a product or service that the world has (truly) always been waiting for because it makes a genuinely positive contribution? You write music or make art that could change society with its community spirit and unifying power? Or you have a completely different idea to make our planet a better place? If so, welcome to our world! 

We offer people, their ideas, projects, start-ups and companies advice and continuous support to help them get their ideas “out there”.

Read on to learn precisely what this means:

To make sure that our beliefs and values share common ground, the ideas, projects and start-up concepts you send to us should meet at least 2 of the 5 following criteria:

  • Innovative – The idea possesses genuine innovative drive within its specific context, either from a holistic perspective or at least in part.
  • Fair – Your idea or business model focuses on humankind and its development, not on maximising profits.
  • Sustainable & Resource-saving – We love nature. You do, too? That’s why your idea builds on environmental sustainability and the preservation of our natural resources. 
  • Unifying – Your idea brings people together and does not sow discord? 
  • Visionary – Your idea has the potential to rock the world and change the lives of everyone involved?

Awesome! Just drop us a line – we look forward to hearing from you! → Contact us

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